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1930's Swan Neck Lantern.

  Rewired, tested and certified (UK wiring) SOLD


   Condition: good, the glass dome is stained but no cracks. The lamp holder is in a remarkably very good condition. The dome holding ring is showing significant signs of corrosion but is still easily capable of doing it's job

   Age: 80 + years

   Material: Glass, steel

   Electrically: 1 x BC lamp.

   Maker: Probably Simplex Electric, the porcelain lamp holder is marked 'British Made - Simplex.

   Pat No. shown is 512908, however Simplex made lamp holders for a range of companies.

   The Simplex Electric company was formed in 1932. In the 1960's it was taken over by the US company General Electric.

When found, the fitting was wired in twin lead sheathed cable which was widely used in the 1930's.

So my best guess is  the lantern was made by Simplex in the mid 1930's. Making it over over 80 yrs old.







  Lamp Reach: 450mm          

  Dome diameter: 75mm


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